Had a great time at book Expo yesterday, signed over a hundred books and met a lot of lovely people, including Neil Gaiman who signed a book for me. I really should have taken my camera.

Simply Read Books have created a fantastic booth with lots of beautiful wares on show. Kudos to Dimiter and the lovely Gillian. I really do consider myself tremendously lucky in my choice of publisher. It was nice to see all the great work done by Simply Read over the last few years and the attention it was garnering. Particularly crowd-stopping was a poster for the forthcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass to be illustrated by Iassen Ghiuselev. If you don't already own the Simply Read edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland then you are missing out.

In the Simply Read booth today will be signings by Doug Keith, illustrator of the The Bored Book and Stephen Parlato who will be signing posters for his forthcoming release Dragon Love. Parlato's previous book with Simply Read, The World That Loved Books is an absolute stunner, so trust me this is not to be missed.

Today's signings are at booth 3366 (on the third floor) at 1 PM for Keith and 2 PM for Parlato. Wish I could be there (and would love to score one of those posters!) but I'll be seeing Stephen Merritt's Coralinethis afternoon. Oh poor me.

Oh, and if I haven't already said this, you should take a look at The Picnic Basket, a blog about children's books run by Deborah Sloan who I finally got to meet in person yesterday. She's a sweetheart. And she gives away free books on her blog - go and see!


Susan said…
Sounds wonderful! And the books are stunning: I'm not surprised people are taking notice.
Deborah Sloan said…
I felt like I was at BEA for about a minute -- so much to do, so many people to meet, in such a short time. But, ah - ha, I got to meet Sara O'Leary! Here's to working together with Simply Read on your books (you're a great cheerleader for them)... can't wait to read your next one. (and thanks for the plug for -- hoping to include your next book when it's ready).
Sara O'Leary said…
Thanks, guys, it's easy to be a cheerleader for Simply Read - they're fab. And Bookwitch? Don't feel bad, I don't look like I think I do either.

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