Two videos about penguins from different ends of the spectrum.

First joy:

And then despair:

Actually, perhaps better to watch those in reverse order. The BBC one isn't new, but we've been watching it alot around our house over the past few days. Just something "uplifting" about it.

And to tie this in to my children's literature theme, here are the three books about penguins: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers ( a boy-meets-penguin classic); Penguin and the Cupcake by Ashley Spires; and the yet-to-be-released The Pirate and the Penguin by Patricia Storms.

I once wrote a story about a penguin and a polar bear meeting up in Stanley Park. I wonder where I put it.


patricia said…
Dig that penguin story out! They are so adorable. I think I could write a hundred stories about penguins.

And hey – thanks for the penguin plug!

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