The Trouble with Titles

There's a little review of Where You Came From up online that opens with the following:

There is not a single factual bit of information in this book...

Is that a bad thing? I always knew I was going to get myself into trouble with that title. Can I take the opportunity now to do an informal market testing of the planned title for the next volume? I'm thinking it will be called When I Am Big.
Anyone like to weigh in on that?


m said…
It's sad that this was the main thing that guy had to say about the book. Who cares? If you are looking for a way to talk about where babies came from, maybe you *want* to start with fantastical ways first? A good lesson on 'just because something is in a book doesn't mean it's true' and 'imagination is fun!', no? *shrug*

When I Am Big is good. Although the Nut Brown Hare series has a book When I'm Big that we're currently reading a lot. I don't know if that is a problem, though.
Sara O'Leary said…
Oh, it wasn't a bad review. I just quoted that bit because I thought it was so funny. I think if you tried to use my books as teaching tools you'd come away with kids with some pretty funny ideas!

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