Killed Anyone Lately?

I very much liked this comment in an interview with British children's writer, Lauren Child:

“The question that I must get asked the most, which I'm most dumbfounded about, is: ‘How do you write for children when you don't have any children?'” Child scowls down into her Moomintroll coffee mug. At 39, she has a boyfriend, but no children so far. “Would you ask most writers that? Do you ask a crimewriter if he's committed any murders recently?"

You can read the rest of the profile at the timesonline and you can find out more about Child's terribly charming Charlie and Lola books here.


Anonymous said…
Sooo good... you know, I have a child and I still find it impossible to write for children. You either have the gift or you don't. Child rearing has nothing to do with it!
Anonymous said…
Exactly!! I have encountered many smug people who think that the fact that they have children means they automatically have a ticket to a publishing contract.

I love that line about crime writers. I'm gonna use that one in the future, for sure!

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