A Lump of Coal

Over at Omnivoracious, the wonderful Lemony Snicket is giving advice for the holidays. Here's the plum I pulled out:

Dear Mr. Snicket: What is mince meat? Why do people seem to like it so much? Do I have to eat it?
--A Loyal Reader

Dear Loyal Reader: I am afraid to try mincemeat, as it appears to be made from the innards of ungrateful nieces and nephews, demanding hostesses, and concerned parents. Apparently some people like such things. One of the great things about the world, even at holiday time, is that you do not have to eat it.

My advice is to go check it out for yourself. And then, if you're not feeling sufficiently despondent, you might like to go and read the story A Lump of Coal which is published here.

Coincidentally, this is also the title of a book by our friend Mr. Snicket, which you can purchase here.


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