A World Less Ordinary

Places I want to visit:
The Incredible Book Eating Boy room created by Jennifer Ward of Minor Details and featured in Cookie Magazine. (Thanks to weheartbooks for the link). You can visit the room if you are in New York this month - check out the schedule and activities here.

Bemelmans Bar in NYC (Thanks to BookLust for the link) which features murals of Central Park painted by Madeline creator Ludwig Bemelmans. According to the hotel site:
Every Saturday, Bemelmans Bar hosts a delightfully playful afternoon and sing-a-long for parents and children alike. Enjoy Madeline's Childrens Buffet, afternoon tea, and an รก la carte menu for adults while listening to songs from the Madeline Song Book with Tina de Varon.

And as long as I'm in the neighborhood, I would really like to stay at The Library Hotel. Don't you think they should offer special rates for writers?


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