Too Many Words

There's a good round-up of writers talking about writing for children at The Guardian this week. (I see that Steph popped in ahead of me already - I hope this means we can look forward to a children's book from her soon.)

I was discouraged, I must say, by the following comment from the article by Meg Rosoff and Linda Newberry:

"Don't be misled into thinking that picture books must be easy to write because there are so few words."

That's exactly why I write them.


Anonymous said…
Of course it it, Sara. They are just trying to make writing look more mysterious and difficult, because if it's easy, then there will be less reason for us to worship them.

Writing books is really very hard. Just about impossible. The fact that you can write short picture books must mean you are the best.
Anonymous said…
picture book is to children's fiction as short story is to adult fiction, perhaps?

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