A is for A beautiful book

I have this lovely and talented friend who knows how to make things - quilts, paintings, jewelry, gardens and other things beyond my imagining. Now popping in to her blog for a visit I find she has also made an absolutely beautiful abecedarium.

I've lifted a few pictures to show you here but you really should drop in and see for yourself: ABC here and DEF here.

The blog is called Desideratum and it belongs to Gwen Buchanan.


Gwen Buchanan said…
Sara, I am so honoured and surprised that you chose my little book to highlight on your blog.. That was sweet of you... thank-you...
Sharon said…
She is lovely and talented isn't she? These are things that I am convinced of and I know her only through words and pictures. How lucky that you can talk to the real thing!
This is my first trip here and I can't wait to explore more once I've finished writing Gwen.

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