Looky here: Patricia Storms has done a great poster for the TD Summer Reading Club.

I can't see that LOL without thinking of the wonderful Adam Gopnik essay in Through The Children's Gate where he talks about thinking his son was sending him messages filled with "Lots Of Love," and then going on to misuse that that little LOL in ways both horrible and funny. Oh hey, you can listen to Gopnik telling this story here at The Moth. Get a cup of coffee and treat yourself.


Anonymous said…
Hey, thanks for the mention! I hope you have a blast at Book Expo – I attended for the first time last year, and had a fabulous time. Be sure you go to the famous Children's Author/Illustrator party!

And funny enough, I used to think LOL meant 'Lots of Love', too. I'm so not cool.
Sara O'Leary said…
I kind of think that's beyond cool!

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