My New Hero

The other day I came across an article about a woman named Amy Krouse Rosenthal who had the bright idea of leaving money for people to find and asking them to send a postcard to say how they'd spent it.

She writes:

I’d like to say that I set out to do this for purely altruistic reasons. But, more accurately, I did it because I’m easily bored/easily amused, and experiments such as this inject a morsel of suspense into the week.

That, and I really like getting mail.

Genius, I thought. But could this be the same Amy Krouse Rosenthal who wrote Little Hoot and Little Pea and that Cookie book I keep meaning to look for? Maybe America is full of Amy Krouse Rosenthals - all of them doing interesting things. Yet somehow, I suspect there there is only one Amy Krouse Rosenthal and by clicking that link you can find out about her children's books, her books for adults - including Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and The Book of Eleven: An Itemized Collection of Brain Lint. You can read articles about parenting and find out about her radio show and her gift collection. You can even listen to her kids slurping cereal!


kittenpie said…
Wow. She sounds really interesting, and I LOVE the cookies book. Must go and check her out.

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