Buy Olympia

I've just been having a browse round at Buy Olympia and would like to suggest you do the same. They have some very pretty picture books there (okay, including mine), but beyond the interest in their selections, they are beautifully presented. I'm snagging some images just in case you need persuading.

Here's a notecard you can buy here - it's an image from Sunny by Robin Mitchell and Judith Steedman.

You can see more about Sunny here and buy a copy of it or else Windy or Snowy and Chinook. Actually, they're so pretty you are going to want all them.

This looks lovely too - Awake to Nap by Nikki McClure.

There are several other McClure titles and assorted items. McClure's work was familiar to me from the cover of the John Masefield novel The Box of Delights which is also available here. Put that one on your Christmas list.

I was wondering who/where Buy Olympia were and here's their answer: We're a small, three-person operation located in downtown Olympia, Washington. We carry unique and interesting goods from all over, not just Olympia. We started back in 1999 as a way to help our friends sell their awesome handmade crafts online, and have since grown to have a lot more friends from all over world.

The shop is full of all sorts of things besides books, things that you may not know you need until you see them. I'm just wishing I had some use for these:

Would be a nice tie-in item if you were buying that Red Shoes (Simply Read) book as a gift!


kittenpie said…
Mmm. Love those shoes. Wondering if they come in grownup sizes now.
Anonymous said…
We have all of those titles, thanks to my hip mum. They are all wonderful and loved by my daughters. Now if I could just find those shoes! They are perfect!
Sara O'Leary said…
I know, the shoes are darling, aren't they. Sigh.

And lucky girls with a grandmother who buys them books. Do you know the Barbara Reid story The Gift - it's all about a grandmother bringing home the world to her grandchild. Books can do that.

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