A comic tragic hero

A recent article about manga versions of Shakespeare over at the CBC has reminded me of my intention to post about Classical Comics and the beautiful graphic novel versions of Macbeth that Karen Wenborn so kindly sent me.

When I saw the headline on the CBC site, I did think that Classical Comics were getting a little love, but it turns out to be a different company altogether, one called Self Made Hero. Their site makes it sound as though they've taken a few liberties with Macbeth: "In this version of Shakespeare’s tale of murder and the supernatural, Samurai warriors have reclaimed a future post-nuclear world of mutants." I just hope the witches aren't sewer-dwelling turtles. Will have to see the books to make up my mind on this one.

But I do heartily endorse the approach Classical Comics takes - great graphics combined with a faithfulness to the text. And they even publish different versions for different levels of readers.

You can go here and see for yourself as Classical Comics have ever so generously posted on their site links to pdfs of samplers of the original text version, the plain text version and the quick text version.

Here's a page from the original text version to tempt you:

If you're interested in the subject, there's a recent Times article here.


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