The Big Picture

You can look at a bunch of pretty pictures here at The Guardian site.

Here's why:
The Booktrust's Big Picture award celebrates the UK's best new illustrators. Twenty-seven were longlisted this year, and the 10 winners were announced by Michael Rosen at the Bologna children's book fair on March 31 2008.
Here are examples of work from all 27, with the 10 winners appearing first.

Oliver Jeffers is in there for his beautiful The Incredible Book Eating Boy and some other illustrators new to me, including a couple that look pretty darned wonderful.

Like Alex Deacon:

and Mini Grey:


Anonymous said…
They're lovely!
kittenpie said…
I've enjoyed Mini Grey, but Alex Deacon is new and has a lovely old-fashioned feel about that image. Maybe it's partly the colour, partly the smudginess, but I am put in mind of Bemelmans and Rey here.
Sara O'Leary said…
Yes, I think you're right about the colour in Alex Deacon's work. I love that yellow and I don't even like yellow!
Both images are so lovely & evocative, I thought.

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