Happy Day After International Children's Day. I finally picked up Margaret Wise Brown: Awakened By the Moon by Leonard S. Marcus today (as recommended by Steph over at Crooked House.) And it's wonderful - I'm loving it.

But I was startled on flipping through the pictures in the centre, to find a picture of Margaret Wise Brown's book Little Fur Family covered in real fur! (Darragh, are you reading this?) I've tried to find the pic of this edition online and can't, but I did find a copy for sale and it's only $1200 US. I did find a photo of Margaret Wise Brown that I very much like and here it is:

It is on a site devoted to Brown and her work which you can visit here, if you're in the neighborhood.


Kathy R. said…
I also just finished "Margaret Wise Brown: Awakened By the Moon" by Leonard S. Marcus, and am delighted to find this picture, and the link to more. Thank you very much!

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