A true 19th century Batman

Here's the trailer for Eoin Colfer's new novel, Airman.

The novel gets a good review over at Fuse #8.
Here's a bit of what she says there:
Is it fantasy? No more than any historical novel where the hero indulges in science. Is it science fiction? Only if you consider the notion of one man discovering the use of propellers on his own fantastical. Is it steampunk? No. Stop being silly. No this is, odd as it may sound, fiction with spice. That's not really a category, so I don't know if you can call it anything but original.

I think we'll be needing this one. And incidentally, anyone who isn't in awe that Elizabeth Bird is doing a review a day and doing them darned well needs a slap upside the head with a good book.


Anonymous said…
Aw. You're sweet. Though I miss days once in a while too. Thanks for the link!

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