How Does Your Garden Grow?

I recently picked up some children's books at a used book sale - including a copy of the Opie Oxford Children's Verse (I already have one but like a kettle or a garlic press, I think you need one for each house). The other thing I picked up just for the author was Spike Miligan's Dip the Puppy. I don't carry a lot of verse around in my head, but I suspect that "The wind blows through every nook and cranny,/But most of all it blows through Granny" may be one of the the last things to leave me. Plus, it is just bound to get more and more apt as I get creakier in mind and body.
I read the Milligan out loud for my son - at first he wasn't interested and then he was riveted to my side. At points I was laughing so hard that I cried. (For those considering whether or not to have children, I might point out that I laugh very, very hard at least once a day and that really there's nothing better).
While wandering around on line looking up stuff on Milligan I found him at the Poetry Archive reciting "The Land of the Bumbly Boo".

There seems to be a whole slew of wonderful stuff to listen to on their children's archive. Here's the list if you want to see if one of your particular favourites is at home.

There's everything from Michael Rosen's lovely bit of nonsense "Yesterday" to Uncle Willie's "Lake Isle of Innisfree".

And I must arise and go now, myself. We're off to visit friends with a lovely baby boy named Ezra and taking him a recording of Robert Louis Stevenson's Child's Garden of Verse. Can't recommend it enough - also can't find it online anywhere. Darn.


kittenpie said…
When I was a kid, I had a copy of Milligan's badjelly the witch. It sadly fell apart as the inadequate paperback bidning fell apart, so it's lost to time, but I remember my mom laughing so hard she would be screaming aloud and have a hard time get her breath back to continue. I didn't get a lot of it then, I think, but I'd love to reread it now.
Hob said…
Children's books by Spike Milligan?! I had no idea there were such things - I only knew him as a Goon. Many thanks for clueing me in.

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