Canadian Children's Laureate Announced

Okay, that subject line is a big lie. There is no Canadian Children's Laureate. But doesn't it seem like we could use one?

Last month American children's writer Jon Scieszka (author of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and The Time Warp Trio series among others) was named the first National Ambassador for Children’s Books in the USA.

This is basically a new world version of the UK Children’s Laureate and makes me wonder yet again, when are we going to get a Children's Laureate to call our own?

Scieszka's latest book is called Smash! Crash! and is the start of a new series called Trucktown which looks set to start revving toddler engines. (Does Scieszka really rhyme with Fresca or did I dream that?) Check out his literacy website at where you can download jazzy GUYS READ bookmarks and find recommended titles.

But back to us. Up here in Canada. Laureate-less. Well, not entirely. We have a very good Poet Laureate in John Steffler, but I do think it's time we had some representation for one of our most significant group of readers.

Now let me think who I would nominate should anyone ask. Hmm, how about Sarah Ellis? She's already won about every prize going and in addition to writing fantastic children's books herself has done valiant service in the field as both a librarian and critic.

Other suggestions? And anyone know who we could be pestering about this and how?


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