What I'd Like to Read Next

In the category of new to us:

The London Eye Mystery was published last year in the UK. This month will see Dowd's third novel, Bog Child, published on that side of the pond. Siobhan Dowd died last August.

According to her website:

A trust has been set up to manage all the proceeds from her literary work. The aim of the trust will be to help disadvantaged children impove their reading skills and experience the joy of reading. It will offer financial support to: public libraries; state school libraries (especially in economically challenged areas); children in care; asylum seekers; young offenders and children with special needs.

Cheques to be made payable to The Siobhan Dowd Trust and addressed to The Siobhan Dowd Trust c/o Polly Nolan, Flat 10 Hendred House, Hendred Street, Oxford OX4 2ED.


Anonymous said…
It's a great book. Hope you enjoy it. It's what brought me into contact with Siobhan last spring, and she was very friendly.

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