Whistle while you Never Go to Work

Found this over at Alison Morrris's Shelftalker blog on Publishers Weekly:

It's a video for kids called "Never Go to Work" by They Might Be Giants. It almost makes me want to haul my kid out of bed to watch it with me.

There are - as of this month - not one but two CDs for kids Here Come the 123s and Here Come the ABCs. They seem to excel at the Eric Carle school of teaching concepts and if I were still toddler-bound I would be all over these.

There's also a free Friday Night Family podcast over at iTunes.

TMBG did a book for kids a few years back with illos by Marcel Dzama. It's called Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed or was it Bed, Bed, Bed?

Here it is:

Very cool.


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