I've just received an advance copy of a new graphic novel called Skim from Groundwood Books. You can read more about it on the Groundwood site.

The book features (as the cover states) words by Mariko Tamaki and drawings by Jillian Tamaki and a fantastic main character in Kimberly Keiko Cameron - known as Skim - a private school girl and would-be Wiccan goth. I've only got as far as the meeting of Lisa's big sister's Coven (which also turns out to be her AA group), but I'm already hooked. I think it's lines like this one: "You can tell when Lisa's nervous because she acts like I'm an idiot."

More when I get time to read more. Release date is March 25, 2008.


Marina Endicott said…
That looks absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to read it. I'll have to visit the Groundwood site, thanks.

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