Loving a Book By Its Cover

Looking around for something the other day, I chanced upon the wonderful Book By Its Cover. I've visited the site before and while it doesn't just talk about children's books, it does talk a lot about children's picture books. Even mine. There's also a post about Annette Simon's very pretty Mocking Birdies which was also published by Simply Read Books.

The site is run by a NY-based designer named Julia Rothman who also makes all sorts of very pretty things which you can see and buy here.

I dropped in on BBIC this time because I was looking for Moomins. And I was looking for Moomins because I was reminded of their existence by something I read on Bookwitch about Philip Pullman looking at Philip Ardagh's Moomin tie with envy, (and Bookwitch's musing that it would be difficult to see what kind of tie Philip Ardagh might be wearing given the size of the beard he sports). All of which lead me to thinking of Moomins.

There's a funny sort of rule of three - I think it's some sort of advertising or marketing wisdom - that counsels that the third time you hear something it stays with you. My student, Cait, had brought a Moomin book from childhood into class. My friend, Marina, had mentioned ordering the book for a gift and loving it so much she had to keep it. And now Philip Ardagh was going all Moomin-sartorial.

So if, like me, you are now sufficiently curious, have a look here at Rothman's excellent post about Tove Jannson's Who Will Comfort Toffle.


Anonymous said…
As a Swedish speaker I'm ashamed to admit that I read only one Moomin (the comet one) as a child.

But when my children needed entertaining while in Sweden, we watched the Japanese animated films, that are very good. In English they have used American voices, which doesn't feel entirely right, but in the Swedish version we have the wonderful Finnish accents, and the voices are perfect.

So I love the moving Moomins, even if the books passed me by.

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