Found (One More Book)

Just listening to an interview with one of our fave picture book writer/illustrators, Oliver Jeffers. Is it just me or does everything sound better with a Belfast accent? You can listen here at Just One More Book.

Jeffers is telling a story about a boy who disappeared from a school trip to the Belfast Zoo and then turned up sopping wet. The upshot is that he'd kidnapped a penguin. This story is at the heart of Lost and Found - which has to be one of my favourite boy meets penguin stories ever. (I've been working on a story about a penguin and a polar bear who meet in Stanley Park, Vancouver, but I fear I may have missed the penguin boat.)

Now he's talking about the varying attitudes toward children's illustration and fine art. His attitude seems to be that, in his life at least, one works to support the other. Personally, I think his children's illustration very fine indeed.

More on Jeffers soon.


Anonymous said…

I love the blog! And I love the books you're choosing. Something new to keep me from writing!

Anonymous said…
I don't know Oliver Jeffers, yet, but have a half promise of meeting him for a talk this spring. In that case I will blog about it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link!

I think Jeffers is one of the best artists out there right now, creating picture books. And he's so young! (And darn cute, too).

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