Calloo, callay!

Galumph seems to be the word of the week.
Betsy Bird at Fuse #8 mentioned how much she liked the galumph, galumph in the Muppet version of Jabberwocky and that was quickly followed by another galumph usage thanks to Patricia Storm over at Booklust.

Galumphing is been what we've been doing through the Montreal snow all week - galumph, galumph - and ever since my seven-year-old has developed a full-blown Jabberwocky fascination we've been talking about which words were Carrolloisms in that poem, and how we could work more of them into everyday use. We're already doing as much chortling in our joy as we can manage.

Here's some more of the invented vocabulary from the poem (with suggested definitions from the wikipedia). Consider this a challenge to make use of these words.

Brillig – Four o'clock in the afternoon: the time when you begin broiling things for dinner.
Frabjous - Probably a blend of fair, fabulous, and joyous.
Frumious – Combination of "fuming" and "furious."
Tulgey - Thick, dense, dark.
Uffish – A state of mind when the voice is gruffish, the manner roughish, and the temper huffish.

Around our house brillig corresponds roughly with the time Mama needs her nerve medicine (also known as vermouth) to keep her from getting uffish to the point of being downright frumious.


Anonymous said…
Don't forget "chortled"! It wasn't actually a word until Carroll put it in the poem. It's like the name "Wendy". A made up name or phrase that people have adopted since its creation, rendering it real.

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